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Every Bit of It 1992

  • About This Production

  • Title

    Every Bit of It 1992
  • Date first production

    Friday, 06 November 1992
  • Venue first production

    Warwick Arts Centre
  • She followed the blues and the blues followed her

    Bessie Smith - the Empress of the Blues - had a voice as raw, vibrant and full of pain and sensuality as her extraordinary life. A big voice that trumpeted the real story of life in the South across America and beyond her own time.

    Two women take the blues train out of town. Georgia is deaf, but the memory of Bessie's voice still changes the shape of her silence, lighting a trail to shuttered emotions and forgotten dreams. Cathy has tried to laugh away the truth which rings in Bessie's words. Riding the blues train into the night, they find themselves on the tracks of Bessie's life.

    Suzanne Bonnar as Bessie sings her songs of triumph and despair to Elizabeth Quinn as Georgia. Jackie Kay's lyrical poetry and an original score by Claire van Kampen harmonise in a bewitching evocation of the Power of the Blues, full of live music and haunting imagery.
  • Cast

  • Name

  • Suzanne Bonnar
    Elizabeth Quinn
    Kate Ivory Williams
    Mark Rylance
  • Role

  • Cathy
    The Piano Player
    The Speaker
  • Creative Team

  • Name

  • Jackie Kay
    Sue Parrish
    Annabel Lee
    Claire van Kampen
    Di Stedman
    Deirdra Lovell
  • Position

  • Writer
    Lighting Designer
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