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Finding the Female

This workshop aims to extend the understanding of character, challenge stereotype and to empower the participants to explore new and exciting ways to approach their representation of women onstage.

A typical workshop will include:

• Practical exercises to open the imagination and focus on expanding interpretation of gender.

• Detailed practical analysis of existing texts and characters and their place in the wider social context.

• Reflection and feedback on how we can use these findings in our own artistic work.


• An exploration and reflection on equality within our artistic work.

• A freeing of the imagination to consider different interpretations of gender.

• Promoting the expansion and extension of current canonical female characters.

• Building confidence and empowering the next generation of theatre makers to consider the representation of women in a new and rejuvenated light.


Challenging the Canon

This workshop approaches the history of feminism and theatre and discusses how the past can inform the future.

A typical workshop will include:

• A detailed discussion on women’s progress socially and culturally.

• Exploration of the current position of women in theatre.

• A practical exploration of how the current social context affects contemporary artistic work.


• Enhancing the understanding of women’s progress socially and culturally.

• An understanding of the limitations of the canon.

• Empowering the next generation of theatre makers to expand the opportunities for women in theatre today.

These workshops can be offered separately as 2 hour sessions, extended or together as a 4 hour package or with extended practical exercises as a 6 hour workshop depending on your group’s needs and interests.


Please fill in the online Booking Form or contact with any queries. Response time within a fortnight, please call 0207 8208899 with any problems or questions.


Workshop Guidelines

Dates: Workshops are available all year round.  Please provide your preferred date in the form below and we will contact you to confirm whether this is available.


Duration: 2 hours, 4 hours or 6 hours


Venue: To be held at your venue. The space must be of a reasonable size to accommodate practical exercises with the suggested number of participants.


Cost: 2 hours £200, 4 hours £325, 6 hours £450


Participants: Sphinx Theatre workshops are open to everyone but we must be informed of any special needs or medical requirements in advance.


Numbers: Minimum 10 people Maximum 30 people (to be discussed prior to workshop)


Equipment: The provision to run a power point may be necessary, tbc with each individual booking.


Safety: Your organisation is responsible for health and safety, and first aid.


Promotion: You must not circulate any press or publicity materials without prior consent from Sphinx Theatre and ensure that all publicity includes the Sphinx Theatre logo, which can be requested from


Photography: Photographs must not be taken without the prior consent of Sphinx Theatre.  You can request consent by contacting


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